1. RockyMtnMT

    338 sherman short range report

    Got to the range on Sat to do some load development with the 338 Sherman Short Mag. This rifle is a Proof cf 24". We had shot it a week ago or so with a 222g Hammer Hunter and did not find what we were really looking for. We were not able to get the vel that we expected with the lighter...
  2. codyadams

    New build!!! Starting a .270 SS!!

    So I have been anticipating this build for quite some time.....and I finally dove in head first!! My wife may kill me!! ha ha. Brux barrel has been ordered, no turning back!! It started out when I found out about a SMOKING deal on some .270 170 Berger EOL bullets, something like $22 a box, so I...
  3. E

    .338 Sherman Short Mag build

    There have been hints that a 338 SS build was in the works, and it is true. Rich and I spoke recently, and he committed to having a reamer built, and I committed to building the rifle. I am extremely excited about the build, and can't wait to get it in my hands. Now for the underwhelming part...
  4. H

    200 grain 6.5 revisited (Attention Elkaholic, and Hammer)

    New thread began to avoid hijacking the other. OK Rich I've apparently painted myself into a corner. Apparently EOL and Berger are moving forward with a 155 grain 6.5 bullet. I have 2 actions to play with a #1, and a magnum Montana 1999. Which case do we play with? Open to one you haven't...