Trailmax Guardian Rifle Scabbard

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I wanted to own my own scabbard so there'd be no surprises when I show up for horseback hunts. From maker's website: "The Trailmax Guardian Rifle Scabbard will handle a bolt action rifle with 30 inch barrel and scope with a 56 mm objective." This is the LARGER Trailmax Guardian model. They make a smaller scabbard.

My own rifle with oversize bolt handle, 26 inch barrel plus brake, fits just fine. I like the choice of ways the opening is secured...zippper all around or simple, quick buckle. Picture below is of me on my first 2013 hunt. Love the scabbard, so did the guide. I did a fair amount of research online, talked to a couple outfitters, think this is a great value and a good choice for most of us...short of a $400 custom fit leather scabbard.  

--Len Backus--


Virtually Waterproof
  • Fits scoped rifle with up to a 30" barrel
  • Highly shock absorbent
  • Attaches easily to saddle or ATV
  • Outer ammunition pocket and drying cloth included
  • 54 inches long, 12.5 inches wide at widest point
  • Below you'll find some quotes from LRH forum threads that I found during my research.
Excellent product. I highly recommend them to all HUNTERS .They will protect my guns .Thank you LRH for fast service and a great product!
I have been using a TrailMax Scabbord for years. I have had Nightforce, Leupolds, Huskemaws in it with the flack jacket scope coats with room to spare and up to a 28 inch barrel. I actually use it as my gun case if I go on outfitted trips. It is very rugged but it is not waterproof, but very water resistant. It will shed snow and light rain all day.
The Trailmax rifle scabbard Bucksnort mentioned will do the job for you. I have one and have used it on several horseback hunting trips. It is a cordura, full containment scabbard and will hold your rifle securely. I have used mine with my 338khan which has a 30" barrel + a brake, A5 stock and a 8-32X56 NF scope, all weighing in at about 17lbs. That rifle fits, although not with a lot of room to spare. The scabbard also makes a pretty good soft sided rifle case for just carrying the rifle even when horses are not going to be involved.
We used that scabbard in Alaska last year with good results. It carried my 30" 14 pound rifle complete with an NXS rather well for the $100 it cost. There are better scabbards out there, but this one is a good value and works with the "bigger" sticks.
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