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The Nightforce SHV 5-20x56 rifle scope makes owning a high-powered Nightforce scope more affordable than ever. With a 56 mm objective the SHV's light transmission is outstanding even at high power. And while the quality of many lesser variable-power riflescopes deteriorates dramatically at high magnifications, the Nightforce SHV's 5-20x56 provides superb clarity, crispness and color contrast throughout its entire range, from minimum to maximum. The SHV 5-20x56 comes standard with their new "Zero-Set" feature which uses a set-screw system to provide a firm stop when dialing back to your pre-established zero. All of this along with Nightforce's reputation as one of the most durable rifle scopes on the market make the SHV 5-20x56 an outstanding choice for the long range hunter.

I bought my first Nightforce scope about 14 years ago. It has been fascinating to watch the progress of the company over these years and especially the last 1.5 years. In summer of 2012 I had a 4 hour private tour of the Nightforce headquarters which I wrote about here. I remember being so impressed with the forward thinking going on there. It was obvious they were preparing for a major push on new technology and new products and this SHV is an absolute winner in that regard.


  • 56mm objective lens for maximum light transmission.
  • Fully enclosed, capped, waterproof adjustments with .250 MOA click values.
  • 10 MOA per revolution on elevation turret.
  • 30mm tube, 80 MOA total elevation travel, 50 MOA windage.
  • Zero Set feature is standard.
  • Side parallax control, adjustable from 25 yards to infinity without moving from shooter-ready position
  • Parallax settings are marked in yards. While field conditions can cause variations in exact yardage, the SHV’s™ markings will get you closer, quicker, to the crispest, clearest image possible.
  • Fast-focus European-style eyepiece.

One of the most popular, most versatile reticles we’ve ever created, specially modified for the SHV™ with only the floating center crosshair illuminated (on illuminated models). 1 MOA elevation and windage markings allow accurate rangefinding and hold-offs at long ranges. The floating center crosshair provides outstanding precision on smaller targets. The illuminated floating center crosshairs are adjustable in 11 increments from off to bright. They will not produce the flare common to many “smart” reticles.



Great quality at an awesome price. The customer service was outstanding. Two thumbs up
This scope is just the best what more can I say - OH except the service from this crew was great! As soon as a oops was discovered they called and let me know and sent the right piece before the other arrived. Thank-you Mike
Nice glass, priced right.
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