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    460 Rowland

    Curious: Are those gas checks staying on with the slower handgun velocities? Never used a gas check on these short barrels and hard cast bullets. They really don't lead actually in my stuff. The soft cast lead bullets on old world competition being it bulls eye and my 45 or the various...
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    460 Rowland

    Re: 460 Rowland Absolutely Impressed As has been stated previously- I have carried the Rowland since it came out. Have taken some game but have chosen to shoot other things and save the Rowland's for defense period. One has been under my or my wife's arm for years. Now living on Kodiak...
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    What do ya'll think about a 6.5-375 Ruger?

    True; I remember now why I went with the .050. I am using 270 WSM cases, but I am shooting single shot only. .200 is all I need to grip the bullets. I know nothing of the Dakota cases except that they are incredibly expensive the last time I checked. The first batch of 270 WSM cases used all...
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    What do ya'll think about a 6.5-375 Ruger?

    In re-reading what I posted and it did occur to me that I forgot to make a point. I was not able to defeat the 6.5 WSM with any other 6.5 period! My 6.5 improved reamer is improved and has a 30 degree shoulder. I could have gone with a 35 degree shoulder but chose a more funnel approach...
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    What do ya'll think about a 6.5-375 Ruger?

    Watching this thread for a long time now and I may have information that can be useful. In the 80's and 90's I tried time and again to get appreciable velocity increase from 06 AI case to the 06 Gibbs. Every American case failed period in 2-3 reloading's before I gained 100fps velocity...
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    460 Rowland

    When the Rowland first came out there was not many shooting and comparing notes so I never shared velocities because no one would believe a 1911 could compete with the venerable short barreled 44. Rand thank you for posting the velocity data....... Nice looking tools! I Teflon coat, so I...
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    Do you wear hearing protection while hunting?

    I have never ever worn hearing protection while hunting. I will always wear hearing protection when I pull the trigger. Be it at a target or a game animal. Neal
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    460 Rowland

    Smith and Wesson K-frame sights on mine. My wife's has the Gold Cup sights. Both were competition tools for years so I did everything known to increase accuracy and guarantee feeding. Both feed empty cases. I nice grip laser would be fantastic for sure. Neal
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    460 Rowland

    I have been carrying a 1911 Rowland conversion for work and self defense on Brown bear streams since it came out. My wife liked it so well I converted her 1911 ten years ago. We haven't any glocks to answer your question however. The only function issue "is too light" a load for the spring...
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    Calling bears in Idaho

    Rabbit/hare calls in my case are very effective in calling in bear. The key is stay with it. That distress call is something that No predator can refuse and every one of them will come to a distress call if they are around. The key is they must be where you are calling. It works on brown...
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    35 Newton Revisited

    To awesome! Mine runs ballistically with my 338X375 Ruger! Both Hammer everything using the 225 Accubond. Thanks for sharing. Neal
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    TC Encore and long range?

    I have hunted with T/Cs since they came out. I too was very dis-satisfied with not achieving my desired accuracy. Anything used to cushion or float the barrel away from the forend was at best a temporary fix. I live in Alaska so when freeze up hits the POI changes. When it thaws and starts...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 50 BMG brass for sale (LOTS)

    He said something about a buck for the 50's! Try this e-mail if the other doesn't work for you. [email protected] or [email protected]
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 50 BMG brass for sale (LOTS)

    posted July 15, 2013 03:50 PMLast week I got a call from a friend to help sort 1 1/2 oil drums full of Misc brass from the local Coast Guard Base. contact Eric @ <[email protected]> for details There is still a 5 gallon pail of 308 after I took my 500. 1 1/2 (5 gallon) buckets of 223...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED wts .308 Brass

    P.M. Sent

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