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    Longest coyote kill. Gun and what state u live in.

    Just got back from a bad day of shooting..Missed three at less then 342Y but ended with two at just over 521 to 564..
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    Oregon Elk Hunter Kills Wolf in Self-defense

    It looks like we have some of PETA people in on this talk.. All you have to do is look at how they write and sound... But I do belong to a PETA group (PEOPLE WHO EAT TASTY ANIMALS)... All wolfs in the lower 48 should be killed..
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    Oregon Elk Hunter Kills Wolf in Self-defense

    WOW what a bunch of BULL..Who in there right mind would stand and let a Wolf charge them and not shoot??????? I was on a Coyote hunt or set up calling for them and had one coming in in front I was just about to shoot when I was grabbed from the side on my arm, my buddy shot it almost at the same...
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    Too much horsepower for coyote?

    Thats nice but I like to use any thing I have with me when I see them.. All my guns are fun and kill some with big holes some with small but its all fun..The biggest hole was with my 338 lapua..LOL What a hole...
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    Too much horsepower for coyote?

    Like said before..(you want fur use a trap) 22X250 if yes that little BIG word IF you hit the dog head on one hole in, no out.. IF side ways in and out holes..But very dead Yot...
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    Too much horsepower for coyote?

    Where I live when it comes to wolves we have a saying about the three s's (shoot shovel and shut-up)Wolves what a game killer..
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    Too much horsepower for coyote?

    All this talk about toooooo much gun or bullet is funny... Try what you have, if it holds one MOA groups and you think it works then use it.. If you want the fur use a trap or try other guns for your-self, I do it for the challenge and fun of shooting.. What gun???Try one of all you can get...
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    6.5 SAUM, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08

    If you are doing 6.5 the best I have found is 6.5+284 it will take out Elk Moose Deer or Bear..And at 1,000+..
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    .284 175 ELD-X on Deer at 600 Yards - PICS

    I have found that Berger 180 grain VLD hunting in 7 mag will do a good job on any Deer, Elk, Moose and Pronghorn that I have used it on from 462 yards out to 978 yards on an Elk all with one shot and only the Pronghorn ran for about 50 yards all the others dropped in less then 10 yards.. The...
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    Comment by 'bassrods' in article 'Nightforce SHV 5-20x56 Rifle Scope With New Exposed Elevation Turret'

    Yes it is nice but it needs more elevation, Mine if I remember right only has 60 El. I tried the 5X25X56 and 110 elevation and on my 7mag. it gets me out to 2400 yards.. But like you said it dose great at 1,000..
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    How much deviation for a great load should there be in a long range hunting load?? I shoot a 6.5X284 and a 7 mag the 6.5 has only 11 fps deviation for 20 shots, but my 7 Mag has 14 fps per 20 shots. Both hold under one MOA at 1,000 Yards for five shot groups with Berger's 6.5 is 140 VLD hunting...
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    What power bios for elk hunting

    First off, how far are you looking for the game, are you shooting over 500 yards?? Are you after a trophy? If so, bino's 10X42 to 50's and a spotting scope as well to see over 500 yards in the trees and shadows, you may only see horns at first.. I Elk hunt and use both every day I hunt, the...
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    Barrels, which manufacturer??

    If you order a barrow from a good maker they polish the barrow as the last step before they send it out.. So brake-ends is a waste of time and amo..
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    Barrels, which manufacturer??

    One word Brux I have two and have taken deer and Elk and Moose from 642Yards out to 986 yards one shot on each, and shoot five shot groups of 5" at 1000 yards..
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    Berger VLD performance on bone question...

    I have used a 6.5x284 on elk (5 so far) and good shot placement none have gone over 50 yards.. My wife got a cow elk at 962Yards it broke the solder on the in-going side and a hole in the other solder and stopped under the hide and it never took a step..+ I took my Moose at 644 yards with one...

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