1. Scope mounting: Should I Lap or Bed my Mounting System?

    By Jim See. What measures do we take to assure our system is flat and parallel to best align the rings with the scope tube?
  2. What is Parallax?

    What is Parallax? By Earl Hines, Best of the West Master Gunsmith When we talk about the accuracy of a shooting system, there is one element that most people know little about, don't understand, don't know how to apply, or don't recognize. Many people have indicated that they understand it but when asked, they give an inaccurate response. What I am referring to is that thing called parallax....
  3. 7mm Remington Magnum

    7mm Remington Magnum By Nathan Foster History When the Mauser brothers designed the 7x57 cartridge for use in their M93 military bolt action rifle, the excellent qualities inherent in the 7mm bore diameter soon became apparent to cartridge designers all over the world. Here was a cartridge that produced a flatter trajectory than most of its competition, minimal wind drift and potentially,...
  4. Triggers

    By Les Voth - I'd read about Jewel Triggers, but never owned one or pulled on one until my friend Richard gave me a lesson on what a trigger should be on a hunting rifle. He said it should be something you don't have to think about. I'd never thought about it like that.
  5. Box2Bench Targets: Right Idea, Right Time

    It's designed for load development, but even if you use it only as a normal shooting target it’s got 30 aiming points and it’s durable enough to be set up multiple times so you can track your own progress over multiple sessions.
  6. What You Need To Know Before Buying A New Rifle Stock

    By Don Bitz - Owner - - Did you know that not so long ago it was almost impossible to find the right aftermarket riflestock?
  7. OTC Bull Elk, Public Land, CO 2nd Rifle Season 2017 – My Story

    OTC Bull Elk, Public Land, CO 2nd Rifle Season 2017 By Chris Gardner I wanted to share my story for those that may be looking to embark on their first journey out west to pursue free ranging game in the mountains. I learn a lot from reading: hunting & shooting magazines coming to the house every month, online forums, websites, etc. Maybe this story will inspire someone as other’s stories...
  8. Precision Hand Loading For Long Range-Chapter One: Brass Sort & Prep

    Precision Hand Loading for Long Range-Chapter One: Brass Sort & Prep By Tres MonCeret I have written an instructional article on some of the more advanced techniques of precision hand loading after teaching and answering questions on this subject time and time again. Many of these techniques are basic procedures in competitive bench rest shooting. We field shooters can squeeze all the more...
  9. X-Ray's Stick

    How many times have you thought about which rifle you would keep if you could just keep one?
  10. Teton Crest Trail Backpack Adventure Of Len And Barbara

    Looking down from Paintbrush Divide at 10,700 feet onto Lake Solitude "What an amazing adventure - just finished backpacking with my 71-year young dad in the Tetons across the Teton Crest Trail. 3 days. 35 miles. 3,000' of climb covering 6 miles in 4 hours the last morning. Overshot our permitted camp zone for the last night so we decided we were close enough to hike out and sleep in a...