Zero, am i stupid?

Aug 14, 2003

I recently bought me a Rem. sendero, .300 Winmag. I Topped it with a Nightforce NXS scope, my plan was to buy original Nightforce bases, and rings.
But I was on my way to Africa, and the bases had to be ordered from overseas, ( 4- 6 Months )

So I bought Leupold bases and rings, mounted and went to the range, benched myself at 100 yds.

In the instruction book for the scope told me that on 100 yds you`ll need an 0 MOA elevation, so I did.
The first round hit the ground about 2 feet underneath the target, so i turned the knob, in the end i ended up with 68 Moa at 100 yds, thats 68 out of a total of 95 moa.

The rings and bases doesnt have the right elevation, clearly.

Does the Nightforce rings and bases have the right elevation, I suppose so.

Is this a common phenomenon, or am i missing something?

Or am I just a very unintelligent man?

Hope someone can help me!


Apr 9, 2002
Get a set of Burris Signature ZEE rings with the adjustable inserts. With the inserts you can adjust the scope.I like the Wever type bases. I think this is one of the strongest setups on the market for the money.


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Sep 16, 2003
I am not sure if I understood your post correctly.

Regardless, you have to Zero the elevation and windage to the rifle. Then you take an allen wrench. Unscrew bolts on the knobs and then zero the scope knobs to keep track of the clicks up/down/right/left.

Now if your rifle is zero'd at 100yds at 65Minutes up that leaves you with about 30 Minutes for elevation. Should get you out to 1000yds depending on the cartridge.

If this is not enough the the 20MOA bases will give you about 50Minutes to play with, this should be more than enough.

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