Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x50AO Riflescope


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Mar 26, 2003
Orange County
Does anyone know if $620 plus shipping is a good price for this scope? It is available at http://www.highlandgear.com/
Well to give you an idea Cabela's has it listed for $799.99-Z plex and $839.99-Mil-dot. Also Bear Basin and S.W.F.A.(www.riflescopes.com) both list them for $799-$829.

So I say if you want a 1" tube Zeiss scope YOU BETTER JUMP ON IT !

You might also want to check with Randy in VA, I believe he is carring those. Or you could contact Don at [email protected] he sometimes has them and others at good prices.

Hope this helps out a little bit.

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About 2 hours ago took delivery of this scope from Cabella's - $799.99.

I special ordered the # 21 reticle. Compared to those Thick things they normally stock, it's finer than frogs hair - just what I wanted.
That's the best price iv'e seen on that scope I paid $690 for mine. You are going to love that scope, up, down and sideways always dead nuts, here's mine sitting in ARMS #22 rings on my AI.

Thanks for all the advice. I bought it. Now I have a question for sealdoggy, the flip up lens cap for the ocular, does it have any problem since the plastic on the Zeiss is ribbed and not smooth? Doesn't it leak since you can't get a good seal around the outer housing?
thequickad, froggy, and fellow posters, I've taken the plunge too, via Highland Gear (in Quincy, IL) for a Zeiss Conquest.

They *will* sell outside of e-Bay (thank God!) and although their website shows the M.A.P. (minimum advertised price) as $800, indeed the price when you click on 'buy it' is $620.00 plus a few bucks shipping.

I've ordered the mildot version, which they sold me at the same price as above, vs. the Zeiss Z-plex reticle and apparently at least a couple of others.

Froggy/Sealdoggy, these scopes also feature a BDC? Bullet Drop Compensator... How does that work? Apparently you get the BDC with any of the reticles, but I won't know until the thing shows up. I wonder if the UPS people know how much we anticipate the grinding rumble of those brown trucks?
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