Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20 x50


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Mar 4, 2004
North Dakota
Anyone using this scope? How is the quality in the glass? Does it return to your zero after making adjustments for different ranges?
I've got two of these scopes, love them both. I chose them over the Leupold & Burris because I felt they were clearer and brighter. I've been shooting with them for about 2 years now and have yet to have any trouble returning to zero after adjustments are made, or any trouble at all.
Winmagman: Do your scopes have SIDE parallax adjustments or standard objective adjustments? Considering buying this scope and think I'd like side adjustment!
Both are the side focus model. What an absolute treat to use compared with my other scopes with the adjustment on the objective end. You can just close your scope eye open your off eye and see where you are at, no lifting your head up to read anything.
I too have the Zeiss you are inquiring about. Took off my Nikon 6.5 x 20 and put the Zeiss on. Great scope, better optics even when I compared to the newer Leupold at the new Cabela's store as this is what I was going to buy, and I got it for less. Call Alex Roy or visit his web site www.Eurooptic.com, Great service. Good prices.
freebore,we must be near.saved euro optics sight for near future.have you been to"lost creek shoe shop"?
i have a rem 700 bdl in .30-06 that i am trying to decide on a zeiss 6.5-20x50 or zeiss 4.5x14x50.in am learning quickly at 500yd shots with a 25-06.we are interested in groundhog shoots 1-3-500 targets.it looks like the 6.5 with side focus and target turrets will win.they seem a little funny carrying around in the woods with their size.the main thing that i am wondering is,would i be able to see a .30 hole at 500yds in the white with 14x or do i need the 20x?my swarovski 6x18x50 can see .257 at 300. all replys welcome
Thanks for the info everyone. Sounds like it is a good scope. I will have to pick one up and give it a try. Thanks again.
Hey can anyone help me with what ammo specs the 6.5-20x50 conquest's bullet drop compensator are calibrated for?? Also, if I am thinking about this correctly this "bullet drop compensator"... is it just for hold overs with the mil dot reticle or does it work with the elevation adjustment?

Thanks guys!
The Zeiss is really not that big of scope. It'll bre find in timber, I use a 4x12 on my 7mm-08 and wish I had more sometime(old eyes)shooting between trees at standing deer. It is no bigger than the Nikon I had on my .257 Weatherby. I shoot a Swift from SharpShooterSupply w/8x32 Burris for p-dogs and g-hogs love it. I have never heard of 'lost creek shoe shop'. Where is this shop located? I'm in Red Lion. By the way, I just put a 8.5 x 25 LRT on my big 30 for Idaho this year. Wanted another Zeiss but what a deal I got on this 'luppy. I'll go to the range over holidays and after flintlock is over shoot distances at the farm and see if I really like it or get another Zeiss. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
freebore, [email protected] drop a side msg. looking up red lion? i was at lost creek shoe shop today and quoted $669 for 4.5x14x50 z-plex tgt turrets w/side parallax adj?it is a little on the heavy side 20.45oz .280 selling friday..going on rem 700bdl 30-06...ideas??
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