Ya know whats kinda cool...



I have noticed a great deal of really new people here... some I have known from other boards and most bring alot of enthusiasm and knowledge here..."Celt", "JakeinNC" are just 2 that I have read alot of posts from and posted to on other boards.
I guess this "taboo" sport is catching on pretty quick. Either that or there is a very rare disease that is spreading at an uncontrolable rate.
Just thought I'd say that I'm glad we have the abundance of experts and the sharing of knowledge her that we do. If you look closely I bet we have someone in each aspect of the the shooting industry that is "expert" or darn near expert, or at the very least a professional in that field. Not to mention several of the original guys who basically help develope this sport from the very begining...
I'd just like to say thanks to LEN.. for starting this site and thanks to all of you ( you know who ya are ) who have helped me develope into the "Neophyte"
LR marksman I am.....

Just really cool thing we got going on here.. even if there is a bickering match once in a while.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>I guess this "taboo" sport is catching on pretty quick. Either that or there is a very rare disease that is spreading at an uncontrolable rate. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Do you mean that someday, with in my lifetime, I might pick up a gun magazine and not find a single writer in it trashing me because I choose to shoot at an animal more than 300 yards away?

That would be so cool....
.. I have to say that I'm very appreciative of everyone's effort on this board.. As there's absolutely nowhere to discuss this particular aspect of shooting around here.. (Attempts to do so have only netted me incredulous blank stares..) It's great to have some folks to turn to for info and input.. ( No matter how much I ignore it sometimes cause I'm so hard-headed..
) If I go against the advice of those more experienced and my hair-brained idea proves to be horse-hockey I will voluntarily get in line for my beating ..(Thank you sir, may I have another.? ) &lt;~Ref: Animal House
.. I tried PB BR but the idea of endlessly punching holes in paper at that range and fussing over .001's of an inch is just not that appealing to me.. Seeing big chunks of real-estate flying, hitting a live or reactionary target at LR, on the otherhand, is extremely appealing.. And now, thanks to you guys, I'm very close to getting started.. Thanks all..!! d:^) JiNC
Just have to add my 2 cents about how much I enjoy this board. While I don't post a whole lot I do visit often. Over my lifetime I've probably killed my share of game and then some. Actually to the point that a lot of thrill had left and it was becoming very much the same old, same old. Thanks to a friend of mine in Alaska and Ian McMurchy the thrill in shooting has come back in force. There is a real rush when aiming at a small steel target waaaaaaaaaaay out there and watching it topple at the first shot. Even cooler is being able to see and hear the hit long after the trigger is pulled. Long range shooting has put the fun back in shooting for me anyway. There's a lot of regulars here that have taught me a lot whether they know it or not. Sure do appreciate you guys.
I am certainly thankful for this board - although it will cost me some money in the long run.
I have my starter gun to learn with coming mid May and will be asking questions when I play with it some. I talked my brother into getting a 338 RUM and he will be working that into a long range rig. Look out all you critters who equate distance with safety.
I check this board at least once a day just to see what more there is to learn. I try to contribute with the things I know about, and shut up about the rest. That seems to be what most people do here which is great.

Good thread Wyo. Hope Dusty is well. Did you get West Nile shots for him?
I HATE this board! It's costing me a fortune!!

Seriously though, I check it everyday, and sure appreciate all the information shared by all.
I have been reading this board every day for a few months and usually learn something new every day. Nice to see people get along here. Next to no yelling and put-downs like some other boards. Use to think 300-500 yards was a long shot. My shooting range has now extended to 900 yards (ran out of room). Can't wate to take my first deer at this range. Thanks for all the great info.
Like all of you have said this site is AWESOME, I also try to check every day.

Ric you are right it was cool that Len decided that this site was needed even though he had some unnamed help

Jake maybe you'll have to move to one of those Yankee states so that you can shoot and talk long range all you want. Ever think that they haven't figure out how too sneak up on game, thats why they shoot LR

To all the experts and not so experts the advice that you share is PRICELESS
That is most certainly true...I've never asked a question here that has not been answered to my complete satisfaction...

The internet is an absolutely wonderful tool. For example, it turns out that there is some SERIOUS long range action going on within a 20 mile radius of my home, but had it not been for the 'net, I probably never would have known. The internet is what, in effect, turned me on to long range shooting. As recently as last summer, I was not much more than a kid with a rifle trying to kill a couple of groundhogs every now and then...But eventually, I found the GGVG message board, and ran into people such as Ric. You see, my family was taking a trip out West that summer, and I asked about places to hunt p-dogs, as it was something I really wanted to do. Ric suggested that if I were to stop in Cody, he would try to get me on a dog town. Well, the experience I had was sufficient to send me flying forward into the world of long range shooting. I got turned on to several great message boards, this one included. I seriously do not know where I'd be if it weren't for the 'net...The amount of info avaliable is simply astounding. I need all the help I can get, anyway!

As for the sport being "taboo", I've talked to people who consider 150 yards really stretching it on a woodchuck...If only they knew what it is like...

Oh well! Their loss...

WW, I couldn't agree more. Hasn't cost me a dime yet.
Probably will though. 'Bout to retire and I know where I can build a 1000+ yard range, just to practice on don't you know. Lot of learning to do here. Thanks to Len, and all that contribute.

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