kinda long range...


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Apr 9, 2006
Spokane, W.A.
well, the other week I had the chance to hunt some private land where you could sit on the front porch and watch the deer feed in from a timber line into the field at just shy of 600 yds. I Told em it was too close...haha.

well one walked out, and I sat behind the Ar-30, 338 lapua, looking threw the horus scope, and held the 1 mil line on the front shoulder half way up as the deer walked left to right... and let a 300 SMK loose... Three people were watching threw binos, as the rifle kinda draws a crowd. At the shot I saw white go upwards, while in recoil... and heard everyone go nuts. I guess it got airborne... shot placement was right at poa, damage was pretty impressive.

I was aiming for 1K for a first kill for the rifle, but I'm glad with that trip.

on a side note, I went out to a buddy's ranch a few months ago, some guy was going to take a pig, and a buffalo at 1K. I watched the pig hunt, ended up at 800 yds. It was a state arms fiffty, and he was using surplus api ammo... omg. The guy's friend took like 20 rounds to hit the **** pig at that range, shoulda handed him my rifle, I did made the offer....
We did spot a crow at about 1k (no rangefinder), and I took a on-the-fly shot at him, went just over his