WTS: Dillon 550/650 Press/Parts


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Jan 11, 2012
-Buyers of the press will be given first crack at the accessories. If you're interested in a specific part, post up here and I'll touch base with you after the presses are sold.
-I will split shipping with the buyer of the press and any extras they want, Everything will be plus Priority flat rate or First Class.
-Prices, for the most part, are roughly 25% off, if you're buying multiple things or feel im off base, I'll listen to offers.
-Items are used unless otherwise noted. I cant text or email specific pictures of items on request, or I'll eventually get them up here.

1. x2 Dillon RL 550B press one is setup for 9mm, one for 556(dies not included, Dillon no longer sells the 550 with conversion kits) 400.00ea(-30.00 if you dont want the conversion kit)
2. x2 Dillon strong mounts, one is missing some paint at the base one side. 30.00 and 35.00 respectively
3. x1 Dillon wrench set and mount. 23.00
4. x2 Dlillon covers for 550 press, 15.00ea
5. x1 Dillon 550 parts kits, 15.00
6. x1 Dillon Maintenance kit, (compressed air not included) 20.00
7. x1 Dillon 550 Deluxe Quick change set, new, 75.00
8. x3 Dillon 550/650 Tool head stands, 15.00ea
9. x3 Dillon 550/650 Powder Measure, 65.00ea
10. x1 Dillon Primer Flip tray, 15.00
11. x1 Dillon 650 223/556 Conversion kt, new, 60.00(would possibly trade for 44M or 45-70)
12. x1 Dillon 650 Tool head, 25.00
13. Dillon 550 Shell plates, 4,1,C,B, 25ea
14. Dillon Powder Funnels, K, K, Y, Y , J, 12.00ea