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  • Do you still have a Leupold Vx5HD 3-15x44 Firedot duplex for sale? If so, are you considering any trades on it? Thanks.
    Of course I am new to this forum and have no idea what I am doing but I am interested in purchasing your G48, How does this work?
    Thank you

    Dennis Edwards
    Hey Sir,
    I'm looking for three VX5HD's (2) 2x10's and one 3x15x44, fire dot duplex. If you can help I would be very grateful. Headed for Africa and although they have been on order for almost two months, no delivery date is in sight, I'm running out of time. I've bought from you before and you seem to always have access to the good stuff...
    (417)860-5888 or [email protected]
    I will take the TMOA 44 if still available. 50 if the 44's are gone. Let me know your payment procedure. Thanks.


    TMOA, illuminated:
    New, still sealed in plastic, 50mm, Leupold # 171576, 1660.00 shipped
    New, still sealed in plastic, 40mm Leupold #171568 , 1590.00 shipped
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