SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Defensive Edge Canyon Rifle in 338 Edge.


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Mar 12, 2006
South East Colorado
I hate to sell this but I have another project that's taking presidence.

Up for sale is one barely used, Defensive Edge built rifle. It has less than 20 rounds down the pipe and those were load workup rounds. This rifle has a couple MINOR scuffs but other than that it's in great shape. I have 100~ rounds of Nosler brass (which I'll need to Deprime the live ones before I ship) and 480~ 300gr Sierra Matchking bullets (these are sorted by ogive length) and a couple other boxes I bought cheap for fireforming if it were necessary. This rifle comes with the DE Redding dies (and a shell holder) and the load data sheet from DE. I'll include all original paperwork including the factory target. Asking $4000 plus S&H conus. I have tried about 10 times to add the pics at this point. They may be easier to email.



I will also consider high end FFP optics for trade or partial trade. Kahles, S&B, Premier, NF etc.

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