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SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: remington sps .308 rifle or barrel action

ranger mac

Oct 11, 2009
Looking for a Remington 700 SPS tactical 20" Barrel in .308 or something close. Looking for barrel and action, complete stock rifle, or rifle and B&C stock (consider something similar, but trying to keep cost down).

Let me know what you have.
Incase your still interested I have a rem 700 LH .308 win epoxy bedded into an hs presicion stock (matte black) 200rounds down the barrel. It also has a target crown and has been tuned by Clay Spencer, trigger polished and breaks clean at 2#. Rifle is topped with a falcon optics Menace 4-14x44 ffp mildot.

Shoot me a pm if interested

By the way, rifle comes with load data and easily shoots below half inch at 200yards, and I'm not the best marksman.
LH for left hand? I am a righty but sounds like a good set-up
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Yes it's got the bolt and port on the left. Stock is ambi. Saftey is on left aswell. Above I said "tuned" I meant "trued" sorry.