Would you glass bed a B&C Medalist stock?


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Dec 23, 2011
I keep going back and forth between it and a boyds stock. I would pillar and glass the boyds being wood laminate
Yes, I did.

Devcon 10110 with aluminum pillars. I use 1/2" for front, and 3/8" for rear.

Finish in Tung Oil until pores are all full. Finish sand with 600 wet until uniform dull, and one more coat. Wait a week unitl dry, and coat with Johnsons Paste Wax and Buff.

Tutorial on bedding over a Savage Shooters.

A local gunsmith I know says all stocks/rifles will benefit from bedding including those with aluminum bedding blocks. Personally, after he beds them, I never see any improvement but it never gets worse either.
Its all in what you want, I say bolt it in and shoot it, if your not impressed then bed it. I have an A2 medalist on a short action 700, it shoots so good I just left it alone.
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