Would appreciate thoughts on "having it all" to 600 yards.


Nov 22, 2004
I would like some suggestions on the best cartridge that will do all the things I want.

I want the most accurate, best-barrel lived, and least recoiling cal. that will reliably kill Elk ( or smaller critters) out to 600 yards. I will be target shooting this rifle quite a bit as well, though not competitively.

I'm not a fan of muzzle breaks and am a left-handed shooter.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and suggestions!

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Gee, sounds familiar. You might want to run a search on all of my posts, there will be a lot of reading in there for you.
Some will tell you .308.....
If you really do not like recoil, this seems like the cartridge for you.

I like a 7 STW myself. How much recoil is too much for you? Recoil is relative.
I would have suggested the .308 until you got to the 600yd elk hunting. I don't consider the .308 a 600yd deer cartridge, never-mind elk cartridge, but I'm sure to get some opposition on that.

IMO all the things you are looking for are not found in a single cartridge. How about a 6BR for accurate, long life and low recoil. Great for target shooting. Then get a 300 Ultra for slamming large game @ extended ranges?

I'm gonna have to say the 300WSM

I have owned 2 of them ..

Both were Rem SA's

One is currently in an A5 tactical set-up and shoot the 190's into an honest 10" at 1000 yards.

The other I sold to one lucky SOB and it shot the 168's and 175's reall fast and into the .4" consistently. It was in a McMillan HTG and had a take off PSS barrel on it stable for the long shots and light enough to carry all day... shooting the 175's it is easily a 600 yard Elk Cartridge.
One gun to do it all?? Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of owning lots of guns??

As far as the gun that does everything, it doesn't exist. I would buy a .308 now and a 300WM next year. Then you're completely covered.
For elk at 600 yards I would look at the 338 Win Mag 300 Win mag or a 300 WSM. I have taken Elk with a 7mm Mag at 655 yards it took 3 shots in the chest. I am leaning towards the bigger bullets 30 or 338s.
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Hitsthemark--take a very long look at the .300 winchester magnum. Most people can tolerate its recoil, even in a sporter-weight rifle and its also a VERY tried and true, accurate cartridge(you can find ammo and reloading components anywhere). Last but not least it will handle elk out to 600yards and deer much further.
the guys all have good suggestions here with the 308, 300 Win mag or WSM but they are missing probably the best all around for cartridge for what you want-
30-06. Just another thought....
First, let me say thanks to all who replied. I appreciate your input.

I agree that the .308 Winchester is a great choice based on my experiences with a beautiful old Remington 760 I own. But, I also agree that at 600 yards it just does not have enough pop.

The suggestion of a 30-06 is good too, but I think that it would be only marginally better at long range, and PERHAPS less accurate than a .308.

The 300 Win. mag or 300 WSM might indeed be the best choices if one sticks to a "one gun doing it all out to 600 premise." These were the thoughts I was mulling over when I went to the Gun Show this last weekend.

At the show I found a guy who was selling a Savage 110FLP, with a 3x9 Redfield Tracker scope. The rifle was traded to him by another southpaw shooter who had never fired it. I jumped on that sucker like a chicken on a June-bug and went in quest of ammo.

I did not find and hot deals on ammo. What I DID find, was a Belgian Browning BAR in .338 Win Mag. This lightly used rifle is about 90%, and sports a new Decellerator recoil pad, a 2.5X8 Bausch and Lomb Bal Var scope, and a 2-inch muzzle break ( not wild about breaks but if we all wear our cans...) He also threw in a couple boxes of Wichester Supreme ammo. So, I bought that too.

Needless to say I was thrilled to be walking out the door with all of this for under $1000. As I think about it, why try to do with one gun what you can do with two?
well i am new to all of this but from charts and all the info I have gathered the 300 ultra mag is the best 30 cal available. I would recommend it because of the large number of bullets available in 30 cal and the tremedous power it is capable of delivering. Recoil is decent but with a good pad you can manage it. Does a hell of a job on prairie dogs.
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