Wooo Hoo I did it!!!



Well, I feel pretty good 'bout now.. I just got back from the first guided PD trip of the year. I had the pleasure of guiding Jerry Rice from Nor-Cal Precision and 2 of his buddies. They had with them over 20 rifles of all sorts and I got to "play" with a bunch of 'em. Great guys and to say he can shoot is an understatment.... I learned a thing or three!!

BUT.. I broke the 1000 yard barrier with a shot on a PD at 1140 with my new 300 Ultra.. man that 190 gr sierra bull dozed the big fat PD... I was happy as a pig in ****!! then things got better... as if they could...

Jerry had just finished a new 6/284 sleeved rem 700 action, McMillian BR stock, 30" K&P fluted, straight taper, vias break, Jewwel trigger ( 4 oz. ) and a Lupy LR target on top....

well.. guys not only did I acheive over 1K but over 1500 as well.. tipped one over using a 107 sierra outta the new 6/284 at 1520 yards!!! took me six shots!! man .. I think I'm gonna just sit back and watch the rest of the summer... it was a great day for LR PD's as it was little over cast with a hint of sun every now and then, winds at 5 -10 mph... ( no really .. only 10 mph in WYO!!! ) I pretty much had the elevation right on the first shot just had to walk it in with the wind.. It switched 2-3 times over the 1500 yards.. was a great lesson for me as well!!! Jerry said he could see the vapor trails and the bullet was zig-zaggin" on the approach.. kinda cool.... I then had the opportunity to watch him take one at 1300+ with the same rifle.. but it only took him 3 shots.. but hey the guy is good... I got to see the wind switch 2-3 times as the bullet was in flight.. that was cool!!

all in all a great time!!

That's great... but you'll have us hooked soon and that's a bad thing.

I haven't broken the 1000 mark yet, someday.
That sounds like a great start to a great Idea! Remember I want a crack at that 1K club too. How big are the praire dogs? ( in inches ) so I can make some steel targets to practic on.

Did you use a bench or just prone?
WoW a 6/284 will make it that far
I am going to have to have a barrel turned up

Congratulations on the excellent shooting.
Crow Mag
You had to do it. Just had to do it!
Not just 1K but 1K+ all in the same day. Now how do you think we feel?
Yep thats right jealous.

If somebody didn't rib you a little you'ld probably think we didn't care, but man do we.
Sorry guys I was so excited yesterday I could hardly stand it..

the ULR stuff really got addicting.

Never thought I get 2 goals in one day...

Cam My ULR shots were from the bench that DC helped me on. He hooked me up with a guy that makes the legs. AWESOME!!! The size of the 1500 yard dog was about 3" X 12" if you hang up the new plastic coke bottles thats a good start...

I did use the EXBAl program as well as the horus. They both worked but I had more detailed info from the EXBAL. I would say I got faster results from HORUS but more accurate results from EXBAL. Although both worked in all situations within 6" or so.
The hardest part was the switching wind. That took some getting used to. Literally you could see grass at the target blowing to the left and on your face you could feel it blowing to the right...

Man I am still excited... I'm getting itchy to do it again!!
Glad to hear you finally made it!! Wish I could have hung around a couple of more days to tag along. I have all the stuff to make the hunt, just fell short on time this year. I'll have to get on the ball to strech it a little further next time--how's a mile sound??? The Tommy is really itching to send some SMKs downrange...
Thanks for sharing those shots, you obviously had a great time. Shooting and hitting is the icing on the cake when you are sharing time with good guys and using good toys - right! Look forward to hearing about more long shots. I have a p-dog shoot coming up mid June but doubt that anyone will be tossing them that far.

I was thinkin' of ya... wish ya coulda been there... man all those toys and so little time!!
You realize I missed a 1 mile shot by a lousy 240 yards!!! There was another hill we could have parked on and I would have had the distance easily!!

Brent the shooting table was easy.. CJ saw it ... It is just 2 pieces of 3/4 inch plywood glued together with liquid nails. I then put on 3 heavy heavy coats of polyurethane ( to water proof it ) and mounted the adjustable legs.. It weighs maybe 80 lbs. and fit in the back of my pick-up. not a big deal when you can drive to the PD towns.

We ranged the PD's with a Barr and Stroud that Jerry's buddy had. Nice unit..
I'll see if I can post some pics... maybe I'll send them to CJ to post...

I'm tellin ya... we should get some guys from this board to make the trip next year and really stretch the legs of some of the rifles. All LR stuff not the bang, bang, bang, bang, stuff.

I hope Boyd and Butch draw tags this year an maybe if the weather cooperates we can try to get it on video.

I will have some free time in late August or early Sept. If someone wants to give it a whirl... just pay the nominal tresspass fee's and we'll give it a go!!
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