Wolves in Idaho

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Oct 10, 2009
Eastern Oregon
I just got back from a whitetail hunt in Idaho. We got one buck and had to eat the second tag. I saw fresh wolf tracks every day and that's more than Iv'e seen hunting in B.C. or Alaska! I was hoping to see more than tracks:rolleyes: What I did see was a bumper sticker that said "Canadian Wolves Smoke a pack a day". Does anyone out there now where to find these? Google couldn't help me.
I've seen that bumper sticker around boise/meridian a few times..

But sorry no help on finding them.

Good luck.
There is on I've seen several times in Salmon ID that reads:

"Welcome to Idaho-Now take a wolf and go home"

Not directed at you guys, but at the bunny huggers that so graciously brought us the wolves and like to come recreate in our mountains.
Thanks, I'll try that Armory. We are starting to get Idaho's wolves here in Eastern Oregon and nobody likes it except the **** bunny huggers. In fact they have been releasing wolf-huskey hybrids trying to get "our' wolves established quicker! It's shoot, shovel and shutup around here. I feel sorry you you Idaho boys, from what I saw you have a lot more wolves than what the fish and game is putting up for numbers. In the area I was in the Quota was 5 wolves which is a drop in the bucket. But the locals keep searching for that special pelt and weeding out the undisireable pelts:D Sorry I couldn't help them this time. Next year I'll have a wolf load made upgun)
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