Winter Warm up small game shoot


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Jul 15, 2008
North west
I am thinking another small game shoot is going to happen the first Saturday of December at Miller Ranch you can see pictures of shoots at the ranch as well as directions at Sportsman's Challenge - Home

This will be a good chance for guys to stretch their predator rifles as well as others to get more trigger time. I am hoping that guys who come to this are able to get a little bit of cold weather knowledge about their loads and also to get some time on their rifles wearing all those winter layers that could change your sight picture a little bit. We will hold this one a lot like the first small game shoot i did to where we will have a shorter range course as well as a longer range course. i would also like to get some targets out there further for those guys who are trying to stretch their rifles too 1000yards to try to get into some predator/ varmint clubs.

we will be using the steel targets that will be painted black to make sure they stand out weather there is or is not snow on the ground.

this is not yet 100% a go yet, but i would like to get a feel for how many shooters might want to show up. I will keep everyone posted about changes or the progress in planning of the small game shoot through the sportsman's challenge website as well as this forum.

Caleb Hallett
Here is some new news for the small game shoot.
savage is giving me a 50% off msrp certificate to give away at the shoot. thinking that every person who attends the shoot as a participant will be entered into a drawing to win this giving everyone there a fair chance to win.
Will also have a 50% off certificate from Vortex for one of the top prizes. this is good for one of any of their items 50% off msrp
I don't have any other shoots planned yet other than the small game shoot. Will probably start planning after the next shoot. If you want to come and watcj, and see how things run you are more than welcome.
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