Windage reference with a plex reticle


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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
Got a ?-- How would u guys reference windage holdoff on a target of unknown dimension with a plex reticle? Here's what i've come up with--
Create a table with 10 mph wind "plex of angle (POA)" calcs. by dividing the wind figures by the meaurement of the angle the plex subtension occupies at every 50 yd. interval to as far out as i wanna go.


100 yd. plex subtension = 3MOA (1 POA)

450 yds= 4.5 X 3=13.5
450 yd. 10 mph drift= say 9"

9/13.5= .7 POA

seems like this would be aan "easy" way of figuring wind reference with the reticle. Any ideas??

One other question?

How do u reference holdoff on a target of known dimension? Would u rather run clicks or use the reticle??
The only duel plex reticle that I could think of this working with would be a Luppy. Leupold's heavy duplex reticle is 8" where the heavier crosshairs start from top to bottom, at 100 yards, ON THE HIGHEST MAGNIFICATION. So, the distance from the center of the crosshairs to the heavier crosshair is 4" at 100 yards. 8" at 200, ect. ect. This might make it easier, its the same on the sides. Either way, hope it helps!
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