winchester longe range rifle...long


Jul 23, 2002
i have been shooting a win laredo in 7mmrem mag. it shoots ok with the light bullets, but not very good with the heavy bullets. i am thinking about putting a new barrel, and getting the action trued. is this a good route to go, to start in long range? i know a remington action would probably be better, but i have a winchester now. would you stay with the 7mm, or go to another caliber. sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance
Your rifle can become the basis for as good a long range rig as with any other factory action, just do what you plan on doing and don't worry that it does not have Remington stamped on it.
I find Win. 70's much easier to place cartridges into and they are extremely reliable. They have been the basis for a lot of very accurate LR rifles - matter of fact the M-70 dominated Camp Perry for many years.
I regularly shoot an identical rifle (Laredo) that was trued, rebedded and has a Lilja barrel installed - it has shot five rounds into 1.6" at 500 yards (that is certainly not its average but one of the best groups I have shot to date). Don't forget to get it skim-bedded so that the action fits perfectly in the aluminum bedding block.
Hey, if either of you want to sell those M70 Lorado's. Let me know. I have been looking for one a long time.

hey charles, thanks for the offer, but i think ill keep mine for a while.
would a 7mm rem mag with 168 sierras be a good deer rifle out to 1000 yds? is their a caliber that will do this better without alot of modification to my action? thanks
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