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Nov 28, 2003
sean, your 30\06 will be good out to 600yd. And the 30\06 you can get ammo from 125gr to 200gr. One year I used my 06 with 125gr win for woodchucks out to 500yds it did very good.I hope this help.

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My 30/06 is a rem 700 BDL, what can i do this to make it shoot more accurately, i woul like to get it below MOA at 100 yards. im not what is shooting, having shot it for a tear or so, been into my 22-250 pretty hard lately.
for adfordable cost you can get a Savage in 25.06 REM that a fine long range Varmint caliber and powerfull enought for deer , coyote are hard to kill quick without quick bullet expansion as varmint bullet design for light animal and 30 cal bullet wil not expand at 600 yards on coyote .
another good choice is 280 REM but rifle are less commun , 7 REM mag is another very nice medium range caliber but that a magnum

good shooting

I have done nothing to either rifle, my only thought of my better groups with my 22-250 is i have a clearer scope mounted on it(simmons 4.5x14). I have shot alot of groups under 1 inch with my 22-250 some even close to half inch, but with the 06 i cant get under 1 inch for some reason. The scope on it is a Tasco world class 3x9. Should i start out with a new scope and if so what are good quality scopes for areound 2-300.
sean, with my 30\06 I was shooting a group of 5in. I found out that the trigger pull was 8lbs then I got a new trigger from 1.5to3lbs has inprove my group to 3/4 group. I shoot fed prem 150gr that is what my rifle likes and a group under 1/2". You my want to think of having your trigger done and the action glass bedded ,your bult lapedit will give you a better group.
Thanks, i will check into those scopes when i get back to the US, currently deployed to iraq. Should i go with the high a 5x15x50 or bigger or smaller? Thanks for the help.
I have never really gotten into fine tuning rifles, im curious how much this will cost. Is that a good start for trigger weight or is it diff from man to man. what kind of groups do you get out to 500 with your 06 or have you tried? will these bushnell scopes give enough adjustment for elevation for the 06 so i can aim where i want to hit. Thanks for all the help its all starting to come clearer.
sean,It will be on what gunsmith you go with you could be up to $600. You can do the same thing to your ruger.
I would like to build a rifle for 600 yard shots on deer/coyote. I am new to long range so i am curious as to which calibers will work better than others. This is going to have to be a new rifle as i only own a Ruger 22-250 cabale of 5 shot 1 MOA groups at 100 yards but cant use on deer in washington, and i also have a 30/06. Im thinking of a 7mm mag, stw, or ultra mag. Let me know what you think of these calibers or what would be better, not currently reloading just using factory ammo. Any insight to a newcomer would be greatly appreciated
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