will this work?


Apr 1, 2009
i was wanting to put a leupold vx3 4.5-14x50mm on my 300rum, i would be topping it with kenton turrets. i want to shoot out to around 800 yrds. this seams like a good option for the funds i have. will it do a good job or should i go a different route. my max price is 800-1000 dollars. thanks for any suggestions
Yes you would be fine with that scope. Get the LR model with the 30 mm tube for more turret adjustment. Not sure that you would need it for the RUM, but it will give you more options. I have the older model (VX-III) on my 300 WM and really like it. I went with the 40 mm objective to keep the weight down. This is my pack rifle so I was really concerned with saving as much weight as possible. Another scope to look at is the Sightron SIII. I recently put one on my 308. I like both scopes but I think the Sightron tracks and repeats a little better.
Look around and find a used NXS the turret adjustment are true MOA and adjust perfectly. You will not be disapointed
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