Who makes the best Rifle Powder and why,

When ever the word best comes up, the answer is always, "it depends"
I won't use a powder that won't meter well in a progressive press. I don't care how good it is. All my shooting is done in Southern California. Since the weather is the same all year, I can get away with a powder that might not be as temp stable as some others. I personally like AA2520. it meets my needs. It produces accurate loads with my rifles in bullets weights as light as 53 grains to as heavy as 180 grains. My .308 bolt gun and my 223 AR15 both get fed ammo thats loaded with the same powder. I load the 53 grain vmax, the 75 grain BTHP, the 175 grain Nosler CC and the 180 grain super shock tip all with the same powder. So I can shoot f-class, hunt deer, pigs, coyotes, ground rats, and who knows what else with ammo loaded with one powder. AA2520 is MY "best"
I'll have to try IMR4064 in my 44 magnum instead of H110. Wonder if it will work in my 40 cal Sig loads...since it's the "best." :D
I have shot many pounds of varget. (but) I have settled on H 8208 xbr. Last week I took an eight point at 433 yards with hornady 168 gr. hpbt match. Shoulder shot and he dropped there. (rem. 308 5r mil. spec. I shorten barrel to 22 1/4 ")
"It is bullet placement"
Hope ya'll have a safe and great hunting season!!>>chaz
tried some IMR 4064 for the first time this fall (my brother gave it to me) and I must say I'm impressed with the accuracy in my 6.5x51A.I. that's enough for me :)
There is no "best" of anything.

There probably is no "mot versatile" powder either, although some will argue otherwise. Powders vary in speed and are used by reloaders depending on the caliber they want to reload for. IMR4064 is great for cartridges in the .308 and 30/06 size casings, and probably others.
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