Which Wyoming units for beginner?


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Feb 20, 2016
NW indiana
You guys may have read my thread about my Colorado bull. I’m wanting to hunt Wyoming next year but only have 1 point. From what I’ve seen Wyoming looks vastly different than CO, most of which looks like prairie. I will have to hunt public land, and I am aware of the “wilderness” rules. Do I need to look at the mountainous areas to find elk, or are they dispersed across the state? I’d be looking for a rifle hunt. Thanks
Fooling aside, With one point, I would not plan on you hunting bulls next year in WY. Wyoming is also one of the worst states as far as point creep goes, so building points trying to catch some of the hard to draw areas is likely a pretty futile effort at this point. General might be your best bet, but most likely that tag would come in about two more years..

Cow tags are an option as there are not points for the cow draw, and some of the odds are quite good.
Thanks. I have a friend that goes to CO on private land for archery and I’m sure I could get a cow there, or so they claim.

I’d like to shoot a bull but I didn’t figure I’d be able to draw any great units. I tried rummaging through the big game rule book/brochure but it’s more sophisticated than my feeble brain. I’m going to buy the “go hunt” insider subscription to help me get through that part of it.

I guess I should have worded my Q differently. I’m not in a hurry, and plenty happy to build more points.

Can elk be killed around the foothills of the mountains or do you need to look at units that are very mountainous? Last year I hunted the San Juan mountains in Colorado and it was THICK, I’d like to experience a little more open country (glassing) hunt.
The WY Game and Fish site has a handy tool called the "hunt planner" too that sorts everything by species and unit. It is quite helpful.

WY has elk from sage country to the mountain tops, so the answer to your question is a fairly subjective yes. Public access can be difficult in some lower country, depending where you're looking.
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