Which reticle in a premier scope


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May 3, 2005
S.W. Okla.
I found a premier reticle LT with the gen 2 mil-dot. Is this the better one or the gen 2 XR. I really like the XR better but heard one of these was too fine. Dont know which one. Can the reticle be changed? Help appreciated


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Dec 4, 2008
East Central SD
It seems the Gen 2 Mildot is slightly larger than the Gen 2 XR...or so it's how I read it.

Here's a post from "Longshot38" on "Sniper Forums.com" regarding this exact subject:

"I've got the Gen 2 XR and love the reticle. I think it is an excellent design. However I do think that the Gen 2 Mil-Dot is nice also and has a place. For 800 meters or less I think the Gen 2 Mil-Dot is the better choice. However when you start talking about 1000 plus yards the Gen 2 XR work better."

And "Rob01" posted about the size difference in the same thread:

"...... I had the XR in a 5-25 and didn't like it. Too fine and the dots are too small at .1 mil instead of the Gen II .2 mils. I have had the standard Gen II in Leupold, Premier and S&B scopes and like it a lot."

Link to the thread: Gen II Mil Dot vs. Gen II XR Reticle

I've not had the pleasure to see the Gen 2 Mildot.....I do own two Premier 5-25X's with the Gen 2 XR reticle and have been extremely pleased with them. I think either way you're going to have a great scope.



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