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Feb 22, 2002
Kenedy, Texas
I have decided to have a custom reticle put in my Leupold 8.5-25x Long Range Target
scope. Is there anybody that can tell me
how theirs came out and would they have done
something different? Mine will be a simple
dot & line config set at 1 mil and 1/2 mil
in order to have as many hold points as
possible on the bottom side vertical hair.
(10 mils total I hope below the cross hairs)
AS I understand it, the custom hairs are
wire instead of etched glass. Will this
hold up under magnum calibers? Thanks for
any info on this. GEG
i was thinking about getting the same scope done only with the leupold small dot, but with a 300 RUM, was wondering the same thing. on their site, they said they keep dots within reasonable size as so there wouldnt be any problems because it is wire, but didnt know anyone who had this done that could say how they liked it.
Had my scope done by them. They put in the holdover dots out to 600 yds. To say I was very impressed is putting it mildly. I was able to make those kind of quick shots that hunting sometimes demands. I put the bullet right in the heart at 300 yards with my 300 Win Mag in less than 5 seconds from spotting the deer due to that scope. If you want a good reticle for hunting, with quick target acqusition then the holdover dots are the way to go. The only down side is they are tuned to a single load and set of conditions.

These folks are the leader in their field.

Premier Reticle conversions and custom reticles you cant go wrong.

I also had them put dots out to 600 yards. The dots have to cover a minimum of 3 inches at the distance the are for. They said any less and they get to small to see. I think it could be smaller than 3 inches but I don't know if they will anyway. I had it done 10 years ago and I love it. I wished I had done it to further ranges.
It is on a 300 win mag and never had a problem. Also had some ranging lines put on the scope at the same time. This was before I got the rangefinder. Don't need the lines now, but they are so light that they don't get in the way anyway.

I also had the dots installed on a 300 wby mag, without the extra lines though. Really nice too, just wished I had gone further than 700 yards on this one.

I gave them the exact drop at the distance I wanted and they put the dots on. Works perfect. You need to shoot the gun to get the right holdover for the bullet and load you are using.

I'm going to have to go to target knobs now to get further out there.

Re: Premier Reticles -- Yes, buy it. their work is excellent; and the longer range dots do not interfere with target acquisition. I have a custom designed reticle for my .340 Wby Mag. out to 800 yds. and it is right on.... and for the other fellow that worried about recoil effecting the scope/reticle..... 215 gr. bullet going 3300 fps from my .340 should allay any worries there. Remember the "WIND" and hit the X. LRB
Premire Reticle company is the best in the business PERIOD. Fantastic products and outstanding customer support. I love the 2nd Gen Mil-dot in my 6.5-20 M1LR scope.

Too bad the only work on Leupolds.
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