Premier Reticles RC600



Has anyone tried these? They say the custom build this reticle to your load. Zero in for 200 and the lower dots are used for 300 - 600 yds.

Sounds great if it works.

For those of you who did try it, do you recommend a fix power or variable? (since the lower dots are only good at full power on a variable)

I have one N°5 multi ranging reticule from premier on a 6.5x20 same function as dot system that work fine but .

you have a reticule fix for one load ( bullet velocity )
you need to set up you scope is variable at the power for which the reticule is set .

this reticule is nice for shooting/hunting with you favorite load or if you use a classic load ( 168 gr Mk on 308 win for example).

I prefer set up a mil dot range by range that not far in accuracy and more flexible .

or a variable size reticule as US OPTIC built with a good elevation turret .

good shooting

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