? about Premier USMC Mil Dot reticle


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Feb 22, 2002
Kenedy, Texas
I could not pass up a deal I found on a
8.5-25x50 30mm tube side adj. matte finish
Premier Leupold scope. I like and use the
standard mil dot reticle but have not used
a Premier USMC mil dot reticle. Anybody
have any comments on this reticle?
Thanks GEG
As you know the USMC mildot shape is that of a football, whereas the US Army mildot shape is round like a baseball. I have been on mildot courses where the guys with USMC dots used the army math and estimated in 1/10's rather than 1/8ths and they did fine.
One time my partner had footballs and I had baseballs and we agreed on our tenths estimations well enough to hit the unknown distance targets out to 600 with our first shots.
No doubt the pro-users would disagree. The propronents of the USMC shape have their reasons but for average use the footballs worked with the 1/10's and 27.77 constant.
Regardless, you have a fine scope and the potential to use it for repeatable hold-offs and ranging.
I believe that Mildot ranging is a skill that requires constant practice and polishing - it is really not very user-friendly at all. I was fortunate to be trained in it by two of the best, Bobby W. and Steve S. from Badlands Tactical Training in Oklahoma and their patience and skills gave me a very good understanding of how it works.
Dots work but lasers are so much quicker and easier for the average hunter.
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