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was thinking about have M1 turrets installed on my 8.5-25x50mm LR loopy, what are the advantages, for $65 is it worth it? also if i were to have a mildot installed in it, whaty plane would i get it on to have it affective at all powers? thanks
I have the same scope as you do but mine has the mildot reticle. It has the reticle in the 2nd focal plane and the mils are accurate on 10x and you divide the mils in 1/2 on 20x. 1st focal plane reticles stay the same thru out the power range. If I had to do it again I would have Premier install the Gen II mildots in the 1st focal plane, it seems to be the best thing out there in my opinion. I had the M1 knobs install on mine because I think they are much easier to grasp and turn, I don't have to worry about the caps and they just plain look cool!
Hope this helps some.

I had Premier do the same conversion to my scope. Have them put the reticle in the first focal plane.

Also, on the M1 turrets. When they did my conversion, my scope was no longer 1/4 moa clicks at 100 yards. It had changed to 1/3 moa clicks. I did a lot of testing to make sure. I found out through some other folks who had it done, that this was a common occurrence. Not sure why, I never asked Premier, I just made the necessary adjustments. The scope is fantastic!

Best of luck to you.

Give Premier a call about the 1/3 MOA thing... I had a 4.5 x 14 converted and had that unique situation too... I believe they'll give you the answer as to why and perhaps alter it for you.
hmm 1/3moa clicks? interesting i should give him a call about it. i would think that 2nd focal plane would cost more to install? also do you guys know how much elevation you got out of the scope with the M1 turrets installed? i do belive with is 63moa with standard turrets on the 30mm tube.. is this correct? thanks
My 8.5x25x50LRT has 82min elevation. Leupolds catalog lists it as having 72min, guess I lucked out.
82moa? wow, i will have to give my scope a look, thanks for the posts, i will give PR a call. thanks
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