Which caliber for Remington 700 long action (3006 bolt face) rebarrel?


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Dec 8, 2019
New Brunswick Canada
Since you want to shoot targets @600 and game at 400, don't enjoy recoil, then the obvious choice is to build a long action 308 Win. Same bolt face.

The 308 Win was used extensively at 1000 yds in its run at match shooting.
When I served in the Military we shot the 308 to 1000 with peep sights. It’s do-able, but aren’t scopes awesome though. I love scoped 270 for this task. 110gr Barnes leaving the barrel at 32-3300FPS will DRT a whitetail for a joke. Less recoil then my 308 with a 150gr pill.


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Dec 22, 2020
kalispell, MT
6.5-06 is a good choice. Then you can use any 30-06 brass you have although it will require trimming. I use 25-06 brass in my 6.5 so I don’t have to trim. 400 yard is no big deal for this cartridge.
I agree with TS, as I have used 6.5-06 and 6.5-06 AI for over 15 years. It is no stranger to 1K, let alone 600 yds. 600 is a pot shot with the right set up. My wife regularly hunts with it throughout MT, and has never had an issue. Light recoil, under 26 MOA to 1K, hits like a truck on most game, and easy on shoulders. Complete set up is as follows;
•Weatherby MK V action
•Timney Trigger set 2.5lbs
•Hart 8 twist #5 finished @ 24”
•Winchester 270 brass formed, trimmed and uniformed
•Berger 140gr EH
•R26 (charge withheld) *start at what’s reasonably warm for 6.5-06 A Square*
1 thou off lands and you’ll fall in love shortly.
There are many good barrel makers out there, and quite a few good gunsmiths that can screw one on properly. Find the cleaning regiment that works for your barrel, stick to it, and map your cold bores each time you shoot. ‘Quality in means quality out.’ The finest rifle loaded with surplus ammo almost always yields surplus groups. Eliminate all the factors you can and problems are immediately identifiable when the occur. The 143 ELD-X is a nice projectile as well. And I have shot just about all of the aforementioned calibers and still own quite a few of them. I’m not knocking any of them, simply stating a preference for pure accuracy and ability to take sizable game with a fine caliber. I’m a projectile fan first! Cartridges are just luggage for powder charges. One final note, the 280AI is a fave of mine and I regularly hunt with it. Physics isn’t just a good idea, it is the law. Bigger bricks hit harder than smaller ones when thrown at the same speed.


Oct 7, 2016
There is so much overlap with many of the suggested and what you already have. I would humbly suggest you consider the 25-284 shooting the 131 grain blackjacks. Look it up, run the ballistics, bet you will love it....


Oct 3, 2020
Somewhat similar to the OP here, I have a Tikka M695 in 25-06 that is being rebarrelled to a 280AI with a removable brake. It will have a 8:1 gaintwist, which means that the bullet starts down the barrel at 14:1 and the rifling gets progressively tighter til the muzzle where it’s 8:1. 26” barrel.
It hasn’t been mentioned here (well maybe it has but I haven’t read all of the posts), but if you’re considering some of the 6.5 options keep in mind that the 270 and the 280 cartridges both have longer necks than the 25-06 and 30-06 something that could be advantageous if reloading.

Working on refinishing the stock while it’s all apart. Just putting on the last few coats of antique oil. It had an epoxy finish from the factory. REALLY ugly to get off. Couldn’t really tell what the wood was like under it, but it’s turning out really well, if I say so myself


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Aug 10, 2010
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great, another not really possible question. bear and deer and target all in one? not in my book..
If you want deer and target:
270 win,
okay okay for you 7MM guys 280 Rem AI (personally hate this round as much as I hate the 7MM R/M)

Bear requires something a little more robust:

338-06 A-square AI
416 High Hat AI
35 Whelen AI
375 Whelen AI
375 Bishop short mag

Okay when it comes to bear hunting.. big heavy slugs are much better than anything medium sized.

Lenny Foffa

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Mar 6, 2017
I would suggest a .270 Win, with a great quality barrel that has a twist to handle the heavier, 150 to 170 grn bullets if , and when , needed. Get the action and bolt blueprinted , and get a really good trigger. Have it all professionally bedded.


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