where the White tail Deer are?


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Jan 7, 2003
Swartz creek Mi
Edges..cedar swamps hardwoods(edge) low ground high ground with standing water (the edge)
A thicket and hardwoods(the edge). pine forests Hard woods( the edge). Old groth and new groth forest (the edge), all the deer have gone to the cedar swamp. I have never shot a deer the first week of season.
With the huge acorn crop on the east coast this year the deer are where the white oaks are. I just came back from a week in east NC and I only saw two deer. They were both six point bucks and I killed them both. My buddy did not see a single deer. This is in an area that you usually will see several deer every day. We have to hunt fields or a log path between two cut overs. The cut overs are so thick you can't get in and hunt them. The deer do not have to move to feed. They will eat acorns over any field crops. Get where the white oak acorns are and you will find the deer. The rut is coming soon and they will be moving though.
I would like a few bussels of white acorns to start planting in a green house. It would give them a fighting chanch the Damned Elk eat every tree I have planted. the young Maples don't stand a chance. We brought in about 500lbs of seeds we harvested by vacume in the city, people loved what we were doing. we would see young trees starting and by the time they are a foot tall there nipped off at the ground.
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