2009 white-tail deer, first 180 class deer!


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Sep 18, 2008
Fort McMurray , Alberta , Canada
Here are a couple of cell phone pictures of the big white tail I put down the first weekend of november. Me and my dad pattern a lot of deers and we set up in one of our good spots in the morning and out poped this bruiser after a doe. Never saw this deer before. Shot was less than one hundred yards, I once again used my rem mod 710 in 270 win.



heres a couple from my camera


this is my dad with my buck


heres one of me and my dad

this deer has a 26" spread and some masses that go over 7 inches.

this is a wild alberta deer
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Great looking buck, congratulations. 270 Win fan myself, very efective on whitetails!!!
What did your buck scored?
After the success you had last season, I am sure we will have more knews from you soon. Good luck and keep up the good hunting.
Thanks for all the coments guys, this buck marked the end of my season. I would have had a bear and a mule deer with my bow to show you guys, but I blew a couple golden opportunitys. We green scored my buck at over 180 but there were a couple measurments we were not sure on so I will have to keep you waiting on the final score!
I love all the comments ! Thanks guys, it was a great season, only thing that could have made it better would have been not missing my muley and bear haha but I am happy with just this deer as its my biggest and the biggest ever in camp.
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