What to do with a .430


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Jul 11, 2015
North Carolina
Howdy all. A number of years back, I ran into a gunsmith who was retiring and selling off his odds and ends. He had a .850 OD, 27" .430 barrel marked "12 groove". It's 27" overall, 25.5" from the thread shank. He had it for over 30 years, and could barely remember who it had even belonged to. Some vague recollection of possibly putting it on an old Mauser action. I picked it up cheap, and am now wondering what the heck to do with it. It's not worth the cost of re-boring to a larger caliber, and .44 mag is a waste, so I wanted to put it out there....what can I do with it? I love big boomers but hey, maybe there is something more creative. I have a number of encore barrels, and could probably do a Rem 700 type action but hey...you guys tell me, what do you think?