what should i get? Model 12 Long Range Precision Varminter

or duel port...

the repeater looks like is a a detachable mag..

that may a problem if i remove the H-S Precision Varmint Stock and add this
Savage Arms Law Enforcement Series Model 10FP-LE2A

to make it smaller since ill be adding my suppresor

So why don't you just buy that rifle? Do you want the longer barrel, or the short barrel? What caliber do you really want to use? How far do you want to shoot? What do you want to shoot... paper or hunt or both? Are you going to shoot prone or from a bench? There are suppliers out there that make folding stocks for the DBM's. The company I looked at is called PDC. Pretty nice and pretty pricey. They are comparable with a fully dressed out McMillian A-5 though.

PDC Custom Rifle Stocks

Found this one made by Choate: http://www.riflestock.com/catalog_p...&ProductSubCodeID=185&NewProduct=0&recordno=1

SOOOOO you could have your cake and eat too if you really wanted to go the route of the DBM. It will just cost you about 3 times the amount.

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that stock from choate is 200 ish.

its a varmit gun, it has a 26" bbl + a 9" can... and it has to fit in this case
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