Which tripod should i get???


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Mar 16, 2003
Gainesville, FL
I am going Elk hunting for my first time in Nov. in Maybell, CO and was wondering if i should invest in a bipod, i plan on shooting a long way (for me at least about 600 yards) so which one should i buy, can i shoot indian style with a bipod?

And lastly, how big is an average elk from back to brisk?
I would invest in shooting sticks and a bipod. as for the bipod, I would go with the Harris Model L series s for shooting prone and the shooting sticks for any sitting shots.
I use the Long Harris Bipod from time to time for coyote calling. It's perfect for shooting from a sitting position ( for me at least ) It really makes a difference when shooting a small target past 100 yards.
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