What Nylon Brush?


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Feb 28, 2007
South Dakota
Sorry for putting this in the wrong section. Wasn't quite sure on where to put this thread where it would actually be seen by others. Admin can move it. Quick question here. When buying Nylon brushes to clean rifleing, I don't really know which to use. There are very hard bristle nylon brushes and very soft. I've been using the soft, but not sure if there is any need for the stiffer bristle ones. Thanks

I use the nylon brushes that are made by Tipton (I think). I bought the kit that has several brushes in different calibers and comes in a purple plastic case. Very handy, keeps them all together and clean.
They are pretty stiff and I use brushes that are two sizes smaller than the bore I'm trying to clean (i.e. .26 cal for 7mm barrel). I wrap a patch tightly around the brush and then put the necessary chemical on them. This system has worked good for me for a few years now. JohnnyK.
I use nylon, iosso and Montana extreme their both stiff bristle and seem to me to do a good job getting the powder fowling out.
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Stainless can harm crome lined barrels and the bronzfur brushes don`t like copper out type solvents and can leave a little green in the barrel when cleaning with anti copper solvents. hard nylon works great with most if not all solvents.
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