Using your reticle to avoid brush


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Mar 13, 2011
Hello all,
Thought I would share something that a lot of you probably already use, but some of you might not.
I use this for bow hunting as well, and I should have used this the other day.
I was doing some long range target practice and I hit a couple of twigs from a tree that looked at a glance to be out of the way. No real big deal (in this case) because of the size of the backstop, but sure did mess up my group (by about 10x the group size!).
Ok, here is the simple work around. If you have a scope with a calibrated reticle, be it moa or mil here is what you can do. Just look downrange and see if there are any possible obstructions (note this could be a big deal if the bullet has room to ricochet into trouble so be careful!), next see where it is on your scope, then range the obstruction, look at your drop chart, and see what the drop is at that range. This gives you the path of the bullet at that point, so if you dialed 7 mils to be on target, and at that distance of the obstruction you need 5 mils to be on, then the path of the bullet would be about 2 mils above the crosshair at that distance. See what I am getting at? You can use your scope to see quickly if there is an obstruction to the path of the bullet.
So, if that obstruction is 2 mils above your cross-hairs on your scope while you are aiming at the target, do not take the shot, you have a good chance of hitting the obstruction and having your bullet spin off (and you better know it isn't going anywhere you wouldn't want it to!)
Use some common sense with it and with most things, don't trust it until you verified it and your equipment, but other than that, have fun,
Safe shooting and happy hunting :)

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