What base layers that offer Scent control:work best?

I use scent lok base layer and outer layer while whitetail hunting. Western hunting I will just wear the base layer since outer layer is heavy which will make me sweat more. I really don’t think it’s needed for my western hunting, if you don’t use the wind to your advantage they will smell you unless you are in a bubble.
Ive used a simple scent blocker base layer for years. Never have apent the extra money for the merino stuff, (kuiu/sitka/first lite, etc…) was just curious if one brand was better then the other. I always play the wind, wasnt to concerned about being detected as their are too many factors that play into that, as to if one brand was better then the other, everything helps im sure to an extent. I cant stand the feel of the scent blocker stuff so was thinking of trying a set with merino in it.
I purchase First Lite or BlackOvis merino wool products… I buy everything on sale to keep the cost down … they both have different thicknesses and colors … I prefer the burnt olive color and in archery I very seldom wear anything else …. When it gets colder I wear the same stuff as a base layer … I saddle hunt and find that the merino wool works best
Merino wool of any brand, however be careful on how you wash and dry. Any clothing being washed with the Merino wool that has a zipper on it will create holes in that merino fabric. Merino wool is not very durable especially in the lighter weight garments and that is with ANY brand. Voice of experience.
I’m fairly tough on stuff and always crawling through thick brush on public land … I never cut trails to where I hunt for a couple reasons … one it’s illegal on public land and two I don’t want to let anyone know where I’m hunting … that said I have 2 seasons in on my wool and probably get a couple more

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