Outer wear and under layers for elk hunt

In this part of the country, you can have shirtsleeve weather, or a blizzard, or both. You'll wear your heavy clothes for a few hours and then carry them the rest of the day. I hunted a southern CO hunt in 2009, and got 6" of snow one day. I try to carry enough clothes to survive if I had to spend a night out. I don't use wool or down. Heavy fleece works, but my favorite is Korean War era army long johns (slick nylon that slides on your knees). I have found nothing with a better weight to warmth ratio. A cool-max T-shirt, a micro fleece long sleeve shirt, Army jacket liner, Fleece hoodie, Rain Jacket. Those five layers have worked for me through any weather down to zero. Always Gore-tex boots, and gaiters. I wear fleece Glomitts, you can slip your fingers out of the mitten part to shoot, or tie your shoes. Fleece breathes, and keeps your hands from sweating too much. I use light Goret-tex mitten covers for rain or snow. I also carry a small 3/8" closed cell foam pad to sit on in snow or wet grass. Old Army surplus sleep pads are the right color (olive drab) and super light.
I use First lite as a base layer. Merino is great at controlling you body temp and does not stink like synthetics. I wear Sitka timberline pants or First lite Kanabs and a First Lite or sitka over shirt, (Hallstead or Sitka timber line) Then in my pack is a pair of Kelvin pants, down vest, and Timberline (sitka) Jacket. the down insulates and the jacket breaks the wind. Good rain gear like Sitka or First lite will also break the wind. That covers me for about any situation and our camp is at 9200 ft. Another tip also to save space packing things in is to vacuum seal your clothes or get the bags that you can roll up and pushes air out. Saves space and keeps them scent free.
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