What about the NEW Trijicon AccuPoint® - 5-20x50

This scope only has 50 MOA of travel, other than that it is prettty nice. The clicks do not feel as positive as some scopes nor as mushy as others. I have not tried it out in low light yet but the glass is pretty good in bright light. I have only fired about 20 rounds through the rifle I installed it on, but am pretty happy thus far.
It is on a 308 built on a nesika T. It has talley bases and when I first put the scope on I realized I only had 8 MOA of travel left. I reversed the bases and then POI was 4 MOA about my 100 yard zero. I removed the taller rear base and put it in the mill. I removed .030 from the bottom of the taller base and reinstalled them. I now have 44 MOA of elevation.

I never realized it before but a nesika action is level from front to back but the mounts that I have been getting from talley are not of the same height. When I put the tall base in the back I guess that I am getting +20MOA.
It does not seem to be torqing the tubes so I am going to just let it ride.

I would say the glass is better than the bushnell, but it is pretty subjective.
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