Weatherby COL help


Sep 25, 2012
Ok so I'm going elk hunting and can't get my 30-378 to shoot so I looked into it and according to Berger I need to load there bullets into the lands but I don't have the tools to figure out what it is right now I have the bullets loaded with a 210gr Berger bullet over 98gr of h1000 and my COL is currently set to 3.800 and can't get much better than 1.5in groups .... Next I'm thinking about trying the nosler partion cuz I'm not sure about how finicky the Berger bullets are being
With the factory weatherby freebore the bullet will be out of the case before you get to the lands. I have been trying to get bergers to shoot out of my 340 & a buddys 300. No way can You get close enough to the lands in either rifle to get them to shoot good. Barnes are the best in my 340 and the 300 likes barnes also but does good with nossler partitions, which is what my buddy went with. Useing the Hornady col gauge the bullet was completly out of the case on both guns,to touch the lands.
Weatherby's have a very long throat. Bergers will work. I shoot 300 grainers out of a .338 -378 very accuratly. They will hold .5" but Ihave to run them out to 4.05" COAL vs. 3.76" standard. Single shot only but they will shoot
Ya thanks everyone for the help right now I have some Berbers loaded out to 3.800col with still no luck but my local rifle range is open today so I'm going to try some nosler partitions see how that works
Just load them as long as they will feed. Try some RL25 for powder and make sure you are using Fed 215 primers. If the Berger won't work my next choice would be the 200 grain Accubond. Both bullets work great in my 300Wby Accumark.
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