Wanting Badger Rings and Bases


Jan 15, 2002
Central MS
I stop by as much as possible to read and learn from you guys. Thanks for all of the good info! Looking to add to my LTR with a Badger base and rings for my 50mm Burris Black Diamond (will change to a Leupold soon). Can you guys guide me in the right direction on the best place to buy my rings and base?
Q Optics, our own Jim Maloney, would be happy to hook you up with Badgers.

Jim Maloney
E-mail Address(es):
[email protected]

.Good choice in rings too.
I know George and company at GA Precision will disagree with me on this one...

Make sure you lap those rings. Those are the only rings I have on my rifles, but they are notorious for leaving ring marks. Ever since I started lapping my rings, I've never had this problem.

Make sure to give Jim Maloney a call and he will get you set up.

Best of luck to you.
Snow give me a call at the shop 816-221-1844 and I'll get you hooked up with a better price than anybody else can- the LRH discount!
Jeff- Without starting another arguement, your right, I disagree with you!!!!!! And by the way so does Marty. Lapping his rings more or less voids the warranty. Give him a call sometime and he'll tell you why.
Hey Chris. I'm on active duty right now and don't have much of a chance to get on a phone. I do sit in front of this computer MOST of the day though. If you will, e-mail me your price of the Badger rail and Max 50 30mm rings.

Chris Snow
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