Badger rings on Farrell base


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Aug 12, 2003
I just ordered a new Farrell base and am wondering if Badger rings are compatible with this base. I thought I read somewhere that the rings do not get tight on the Farrell base. Also, are there any other aluminum or stainless tactical rings that are on the same quality level as the badger? I see lots of different tactical rings advertised and they all claim to be wonderful. Is there a big difference in quality/durability? Thanks.
Farrell bases used to have 1/2 round cross-slots vs. the squared off type. Could be that Ken has since changed the design. You should call KF and ask.

If I had the half-round slot type base, I'd use rings with round cross-bolts, examples being KF's own (but heavy and pricey) and the excellent Burris Signature Zee type (with the plastic inserts).

If your base has the squared slots, then I'd use rings with the squared cross-bolt, like Badger, etc. An excellent aluminum alternative to the expensive steel products is the TPS ring (as sold by Brownell's, and which you can see at the link to follow).
Mine has the square cross slots. They are a very nice base. I think If you get the base from an outlet that has old stock though you may end up with the other. I bought mine directly from Ken Farrell.
I have ken's bases and they are round slots, I'm using Badger mounts and haven't had a problem.
I wore my 300 WSM barrel out using a Ken Farrel base and Badger rings as a mounting system for a 6.5 X 20 LRT without a problem. They performed great.

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