I think many will pass, I think I will. The Covid-19 is spiking throughout Oklahoma and people come from all over to these shows. Talk about a potential 'spreader' event! The hall is so packed, even on Sunday mornings when many are in church, there will be no social distancing. All will be required to wear a mask, not that it's been shown that wearing a mask will prevent you from contracting the virus. At my age, I don't need the risk. There are no bargains there, anyway. With 8' tables costing $175 each, there can be no 'bargains'. And, with the election results, prices will sky rocket with the panic buying. I have been going in years past just to see and visit with friends that come there from other parts of the country, not to buy anything. I have been in contact with some of them, and they will not be attending either.