W-W 748 vs Varget in 223 65gr Sierra GK

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Apr 3, 2004
Reno Nevada
Bought this months Handloader Magizine . It came with a "AR-Tactical "Loads hand out. It says 27.5grs of W-W 748 will produce 3,160 FPS out of a 20" BBL AR-15 I just bought 2lbs of Varget and loaded 26.2grs of Varget behind Sierra 65gr GK fired out of my AR-15 20" BBL produced 2,861 FPS with a nice 3/4 MOA group at 100 yds. Any how that's a 200 fps difference between the two powders. Any one have any experience with W-W748 shooting heavy bullets and getting high velocity like Hand out claims ? Trying to develop e 300 yde Coyote load out of my AR-15 .
I have experience with W748 that was best suited in 20TAC using Berger 35's
I'm guessing W748 is okay in a 223 with 50-52 grainers but Varget burn rate is better suited for the heavier lead. Try RL15 (slower then Varget) in your 223 with the 65's ....might be your ticket !
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