VX-III 3.5x10 40mm vs 4.5x14 40mm

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    Jan 6, 2011
    I had a 3.5x10 40mm CDS with a MOA Windage Dial on my .264 Win Mag & took it off to put on My 300 H&H for last years Elk hunt. Now the Question should I take the 4.5x14 40mm with Windage dial & CDS but does not have adjustable parallax off my .223 Rem & put on my .264 Win Mag or go with another 3.5x10 CDS with Windage dial or buy another 4.5x14 40mm CDS with Windage dial & adjustable parallax for the .223 Rem. ? I do plan on changeling my rings to Burris Signature Rings for more MOA since I ran out of MOA with my standard dual dovetail rings. What would you guys prefer on a .264 Win Mag 3.5x10 or 4.5x14 ? Yes I plan on sticking with Leupold.

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    Jan 4, 2014
    I use a 3 - 9 on my .264 and never run out of scope at least here in TX. I tend to favor scopes that weigh less if I am going to be carrying the rifle. Your mileage my vary if you live west of the pan handle.