Vectronix plrf-05

new shooter

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Mar 19, 2006
polson MT.
Will i order the Vectronix PLRF-05 . It will be ship monday. Man i hope this will be the last rangefinder. I have a swarovski and a Leica 1600 but they just will not range all the time.The swarovski would range better them the LEICA. I sent the first Leica 1600 back didn't work for squt. the new one they sent worked better but the swarovski would work when the Leica woulden't. I allso fond that the swarovski work better in the real cold then the Leica.But both of them would not work sometimes and that just doesn't cut it. When i can see a Elk at 1200 yds. but the darn rangefinder doesn't work all i can say it S--T. But i am not a rich man i could of had a new custom barrell put on for what this rangefinder cost. But what good is putting 10,000 dallars in a rifle and spooting scope and shooting hunders of rounds to be good just to wath the elk walk off. So i am through crying. Man i hop this thing works. Joe crybaby
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