URSA - Major Rule Change; Acquisitions for SW Region

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Aug 11, 2009
The Unlimited Range Shooters Association (URSA) has made a major rule change, there will no longer be the requirement that advancement through levels requires demonstration on multiple rifle systems. Associated changes and clean-ups have been made to the URSA "General Statement of Purpose", definitions (multiple), and FAQs (multiple) - see the "Operations" page on the URSA website, UnlimitedRange.org - Home . Additionally:

1. The rules have been amended to include prohibition of armor piercing and incendiary rounds.

2. The context of the rules, and scenarios, have been changed to assume that the vast majority of shooting will be done on steel.

3. Various clean-ups and clarifications have been made.

4. Added a recommended sequence of operations (FAQ 13).

URSA is pleased to announce that six (6) "Interactive Remote Identification Systems"/ IRIS systems have been acquired from Roberts Tactical Precision (RTAC) and that six (6) 37" diameter x 3/8" thick AR500 gongs and associated structures are in fab for use by the Southwest Region (CA and NV). It is expected that this hardware will be delivered, tested (2000 yards, 50 BMG, FMJ), and available for events by the end of March.

As the shooting season gets into full swing we expect to be announcing multiple events. We still need Regional Directors for the vast majority of the Regions and request that those individuals who have a strong desire to help make this association and this shooting discipline happen review expectations for an RD (see the "Organization" page of the URSA website) and contact the URSA Facilitator ASAP at [email protected].

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